A wide range of jib cranes


A wide range of jib cranes are constructed from numerous parts. These parts are damaged due to various factors during use, and if they are thrown away, everyone will feel wasteful. Just share with you how to repair three parts:China light crane manufacturer

First, the repair size method: the shaft and hole of the jib crane parts, due to uneven wear in use, forming an ellipse and irregular shape. In repairing, the worn shaft or hole is machined to the correct geometry or mating property through dimensional changes within the allowable range of the part structure. This method is called repair dimensioning.

A wide range of jib cranes

Second, the inlay method: the inlay is in the wear part of the part, with a new metal sleeve in a static fit, so that the part is restored to the original size, this method is called the inlay method.

Third, partial replacement, steering and turning repair method: When the damage is generated in the part of the part, the rest of the method of the arm crane does not need to be repaired, the part to be repaired is removed, and then the welding method is used to connect with the main body of the part. The repair method of the original processing and recovery of the original performance of the part is called partial replacement. Some parts tend to produce unilateral wear due to the characteristics of use, while the other side of the symmetry wears less. If the structure of the part allows, sharing the three repairs can be done without the need for complete repair of the parts, using the unworn side of the part, called steering and flip repair.mining machinery for sale

The above is the repair method of the jib crane. It is hoped that these methods can help the users of the jib crane to use it for a while.

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