Features and specifically about small crane


A small crane is a kind of transportation vehicle in which a small crane and a chassis are combined. It is composed of a boom, a turntable, a frame, and a leg. Through the movement of the mechanism such as luffing, telescopic, rotary, and hoisting, the mechanical action of the small crane is realized, and the lifting operation is realized by a combination of different actions. A small crane is an abbreviation for a small crane. It is usually a special type of small crane (a crane with a lifting weight of less than 12 tons) installed on a small car or agricultural vehicle. Widely used in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, stations, terminals, electricity, postal, urban construction, gardens, paving bridges and other fields.gantry crane supplier

Features and specifically about small crane

Features: Full hydraulic transmission, stable operation, free adjustment of working speed, high work efficiency and low labor intensity. It is the mainstream and development direction of light cranes. It is equipped with safety locks and hydraulic brakes, with advanced technology and good safety. Use the vehicle chassis produced by the manufacturer, the configuration is reasonable, and the reliability is guaranteed. The boom material is integrally pressed from standard steel. It is equipped with night-time work lighting and a device that alerts the crew in the work area. The installed motor has a dual-power function, which broadens the scope of application and reduces the cost of use. Small cranes are small in size and suitable for rural construction.

Since the small crane started in the 1970s, it was relatively late, and the development speed was not fast. It was only in recent years that it had a great development. Compared with other regions, there is still a big gap. Specifically in:

  1. The safety device is not complete, and the operation is inconvenient. The small crane is only equipped with general safety devices such as lifting limit, balance valve and overflow valve, all of which are manual operation. Electronic technology has long been widely used in small cranes, such as torque limiters with microcomputers and anti-rollover protectors, and has implemented wired and wireless remote control.
  2. The function of a single small crane is mainly based on lifting operation and transportation function, and the vehicle crane has a variety of attachments, mainly installed on the head of the boom, such as work bucket, grab, aerial work platform, various grasping The tool, the clamp, the hanging basket, the auger, the fork, the tire manipulator, the pile puller, etc., enable the small crane to have a multi-purpose function. In addition, some manufacturers have further developed special products such as railway-specific small cranes.
  3. The shape is not beautiful. Our small crane design is monotonous, ignoring the coordination with the shape of the car, and the coloring of the small crane is very strict, not only in the shape and coloring to achieve integration with the truck, but also to coordinate with the urban landscape should.crane manufacturers
  4. Small cranes with low output and low output are now in the initial stage of development, with fewer varieties. The small and medium tonnage has been repeated more frequently, and has not yet formed a complete series of large, medium and small, and the annual output is only equivalent to the production capacity of one manufacturer.
  5. Small lifting torque and low technical level Small cranes are mainly straight arm hoisting, limited by the automobile chassis, and the lifting torque is small. Other performance indicators are generally lower than advanced products. At present, the investment in research and development of small cranes is very small, and the technical level of hydraulic systems and control systems also has a certain gap.
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