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In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the lifting work, the jib crane is equipped with a complete safety device to protect the machine parts in the event of an accident or to alert the operator to safety functions.floor mounted jib crane for sale

1.Boom telescopic safety device: When an accident occurs, the high-pressure hose or pipe in the boom telescopic cylinder circuit bursts or cuts, and the balance valve in the hydraulic circuit functions as a cylinder for locking the working oil of the lower chamber. Think back to the hangar to make sure your work is safe.

floor mounted jib crane for sale

2.Height limit device: After lifting the hook to the specified height, touch the limit hammer, open the limit switch, and open the “outer package” indicator. At the same time, lift the hook and the jib crane safely extends the boom and suspends it. The arm can be operated safely to ensure safe operation. At this time, whenever the crane is operated, the hook is lowered and the boom is retracted or the boom is lifted (that is, when operating to a safety person), how many protective facilities are there? The weight is released from the restriction device and the operation returns to normal. In special cases, if you still need a small amount of excess winding, press the release button on the box. At this point, the effect of the extreme position is released, but the operation at this time must be very careful to prevent accidents.electric cable hoist supplier

3.Leg locking device: In the event of an accident, the high-pressure hose or pipe leading to the vertical cylinder of the leg is broken or cut. The two-way hydraulic lock in the hydraulic system prevents the leg from clogging the pressure oil in the two chambers of the cylinder, causing the legs to not shrink or be thrown out to ensure the safety of the lifting operation.

4.Lift weight indicator: The lift weight indicator is placed on the side of the base arm (ie on the right side of the control room). The operator can clearly observe the situation sitting in the control room and can accurately indicate the boom. The crane is allowed to lift at elevation and under the corresponding conditions.

5.Lifting characteristics table: placed on the front lower wall of the operating room. This table lists the nominal lift weights and lift heights for various arm lengths and various working ranges for reference during operation. Do not exceed the values ​​specified in the table when you promote. To ensure safe and reliable lifting operations, the crane is equipped with a complete safety device. In the event of an accident.

6.Boom type luffing safety device: In the event of an accident, the high-pressure hose or pipe in the boom cylinder circuit bursts or cuts off the balancing valve in the hydraulic circuit. The working chamber of the cylinder locks the oil, so that the economy does not decline, thus ensuring the safety of the operation.gantry crane supplier

7.Each safety valve in the oil pressure system: It can control the abnormal height pressure in the circulation line to prevent the hydraulic oil pump and the motor from being damaged and prevent it from being overloaded.

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