The use of lifting equipment

The more large the project, the more it will use some lifting equipment. The jib crane is mainly used in engineering. So, how can we play its role in engineering? Let’s take a closer look at how it works correctly.hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers
The jib crane has a larger span and is economical and durable. It has a built-in walking mechanism and is smaller in size, which is particularly advantageous for improving the travel of the hook.

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In the jib crane, the steel bars obtained by it are all disposed at the root of the cantilever of the bridge. However, the current calculation program often only pays attention to the distribution of the longitudinal bending reinforcement on the bottom of the box girder, although the longitudinal reinforcement according to the calculation has been matched. foot.
However, according to the characteristics of the actual force situation, the stress concentration occurs at the root of the cantilever side web, and the gradual decrease on both sides of the web root is reduced. If it is designed according to the conventional design, the longitudinal force-reinforcing steel bar in the cantilever side web is unreasonable, which leads to insufficient bending resistance of the root of the side web of the cantilever plate of the cantilever beam and cracks.
The jib crane is used in engineering applications. It is designed to take into account the stiffness and strength of the work.port crane manufacturers
Moreover, under the action of any load, the cantilever beam of the jib crane can obtain large deformation by bending, and provides a versatile method to obtain large deformation. The jib crane can also be obtained smoothly by the deflection of the section.