Whether it can truly meet the needs of commercial square parking lots


At present, most manufacturers have proposed a parking lot management system for the characteristics of commercial square parking lots. The future commercial parking lot management system will only consider the construction and use of the parking lot management system, and develop towards integration, simplification, video, intelligence and network, providing users with fast and proactive service response. Whether it can truly meet the needs of commercial square parking lots container crane manufacturers, the main trends are as follows:

Whether it can truly meet the needs of commercial square parking lots

1,parking space network platform

The parking management system of each subsystem and equipment will be connected, and the data of each commercial square parking lot will also be shared, breaking the information island, building a smart parking network platform, realizing network parking space, quick access, parking guide, electronic self-payment, Car inquiry and other functions.

2, smart device application analysis

Intelligent analysis can predict the use of parking in advance, so as to respond appropriately, effectively improve, and avoid the shortcomings of the current system. For example, when the camera detects traffic flow and increases, it can prompt the administrator to increase the entrance management.

Intelligent analysis also avoids over-reliance on manual adjustments. Achieve rapid response. Through intelligent analysis, the problem is searched according to the established rules, and the software window is used to switch to the corresponding video interface for reminding, and the manager can be reminded by sending a text message, an email, etc., to notify the alarm information management at the first time, so as to respond quickly.

3,video and license plate recognition technology applications

The license plate number is the unique “identity” logo of the vehicle. The license plate recognition technology can realize the automatic entry and verification of the vehicle “identity” without any additional equipment on the vehicle. The technology has been applied to highway toll collection, speeding fine monitoring, etc., parking management system. The license plate recognition technology in the middle of the application has also begun to apply.China light crane manufacturer

With the upgrade of technology, the accuracy of license plate recognition will have a qualitative leap, which can automatically and accurately identify the vehicle color, vehicle brand, vehicle outline, and license plate recognition technology, while the vehicle itself has no other additional equipment, abnormal behavior alarm And the advantages of image analysis, license plate recognition technology is the future development direction.

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